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Issue: July 2015
A Case Study

Our home—this planet—and the global family of humankind are facing relentless issues stemming from a combination of climate change and a scarcity in space and food supply. In order to avoid waste, maximize the potential of our limited resources, and increase crop yields, it is critical that we harness the power of modern technology with the utmost efficacy. Intelligent agriculture—as an advanced technological solution—not only helps improve harvests, but it also conserves human resources, and reduces the detrimental harm of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

One of Advantech's clients, an agricultural corporation located in the north of the U.S., has been facing serious water shortages and insufficient human resources. Although there is a strong demand for safer organic food products, they unfortunately suffer from serious pest infestation due to the nature of their production. Consequently, the industry decided that a smarter, more modern and efficient method of cultivation is essential to their long-term survival, and our's at large.

Advantech Solutions
To meet these demands, Advantech introduced a series of intelligent agriculture solutions using high performance embedded systems. For this customer, Advantech deployed a solution that included a UBC-221 embedded computer system with wireless sensor nodes WISE-1020, additionally combined with WISE-Cloud software service to manage temperature/moisture optimization, remote farm management, automatic irrigation, pest control, and energy conservation. This totally integrated solution helps overcome water shortages by managing resources more responsibly and by providing a more efficient and profitable operation for organic food producers.

The UBC-221 is based on Intel® Quark™ SoC x1000, a single-core, single-thread, 32-bit 400 MHz processor without graphic engine. Its low power consumption design is ideal for headless and IoT applications. This unit has dual Ethernet ports, with one of the Ethernet ports supporting PoE. For easy software development and implementation, the UBC-221 also supports Yocto Linux.

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Key Benefits
• Integrated IoT solutions, from sensor nodes, intelligent gateways, to remote management tools (a built-in software)
• A reliable and easy to implement wireless sensor network solution
Product Specifications
Intel Quart x1000 2.5" IoT Gateway
Intel Quark x1000 Single core 400MHz
On-board DDR3 800MHz 512MB
Support 4 GPIO and 1 UART
Support 1x MiniPCIe socket for wireless option
Product Details
Wireless IoT IP Node
Self-forming and self-healing mesh network
Network-wide reliability and power optimization
Compliant to 6LoWPAN Internet Protocol (IP) and IEEE 802.15.4e
Industry-leading low power radio technology with: > 4.5mA to Receive a packet, > 5.4mA to Transmit at 0dBm, > 9.7mA to Transmit at 8dBm
Product Details
Complementary Products
Industrial Certified Peripherals
Industrial Storage Module
Industrial Displays
Embedded Software Services
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